The KYOS Analytical Platform

Whether you need help with valuing your renewable investment project, PPAs, power plants, gas storages, – or you need an advance risk management system or price forecasting services – KYOS has the tools and expertise. Our software is extremely robust and gives you the answers you need to make better decisions. We offer various software solutions for the energy sector, all embedded in the KYOS Analytical Platform.

The KYOS Analytical Platform is our flagship software solution, offered as a SaaS product. It contains an unrivalled range of top analytical modules for valuation, risk management and optimisation in energy and commodity markets.

You can select the modules depending on your needs. Automated data feeds and calculations ensure you always have the latest information at your fingertips. The Platform communicates seamlessly with other systems using our APIs and Python custom programming interface. Our unique suite of models for valuation and optimisation, uses the latest methodologies and is based on stochastic optimisation. It is possible to add price data services. The Platform can create accurate live or end-of-day market price forward curves, essential for trading, structuring and risk management. In addition, we also have a fundamental model for long-term (>30 year) power prices.

Advantages KYOS software

  • A web-based system with a central database and superior analytics
  • User friendly and intuitive user interface: clear workflows
  • Smoothly moves from market prices, to price forward curves, to Monte Carlo simulation
  • Stochastic optimization and valuation
  • Advanced risk management tools (Cashflow-at-Risk, Value-at-Risk, Earnings-at-Risk)

Since 2008, KYOS software has been built on knowledge, skill and commitment of our team. Our mission is to help clients take the right decisions based on accurate analysis, to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable use of our natural resources.

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