Guarantees of Origin Trading in Previse Coral

Business Opportunity

For an optimal positioning in this evolving market, it is essential to have the right IT infrastructure in place – enabling operational control and process automation as well as providing tools to understand trends and service specific demand.

ChorusLink and Previse Coral provide energy companies a decisive competitive edge. As modern energy trading software, both solutions are designed specifically to cover new market sectors such as renewables.


GoO Trading companies face two main challenges:

  • Capturing and managing all required and relevant data and information
  • Sourcing prices for an adequate valuation of GoO positions

As the GoO market is at this point still rather illiquid and also not transparent, sourcing reliable market prices for position valuations is a difficult task. Most available prices get published by brokers and are typically simplified representations based on a very small part of the traded market – e.g., they disregard characteristics like Eco Labels and other elements which affect valuation.

GoOs in Previse Coral

Forecasted & Actual Production. In Previse Coral, GoO trades can be linked to the underlying electricity generation. Automated upload of forecasted and actual power production then updates also the related GoO positions, providing GoO full position transparency.

Market Prices. Standard APIs capture market prices from different sources via Ecosystem Apps. Such Apps enable an analysis of available prices – e.g., calculate averages between price sources or add premiums for specific Eco Labels to the forward prices. This leads to a more accurate view of the market value of a GoO portfolio.

Reporting. The valuation engine of Previse Coral utilises embedded Microsoft Power BI as the presentation layer for performant reporting with easy configurability. For position valuation, different price curves can be assigned based on generation technology for accurate Mark-to-Market and Profit/Loss calculations.

Cash Flow Forecasting. For every trade captured or amended, a settlement schedule based on the precise agreed payment terms is calculated, enabling a precise prediction of cash flows.

Transfer Automation. As the registries build APIs to allow electronic communication, Apps can be built to allow automatic integration to the different registries for a further reduction of manual labour and operational risks.

Optimization. In the flexible data model of ChorusLink and Previse Coral GoO constraints are broken down into logical data objects. Ecosystem Apps can utilise these for algorithms to optimize the allocation of available GoOs and maximise value creation.