Zug, 14 October 2020. ChorusLink AG is excited to announce the formal launch of its business operations!

ChorusLink is a Swiss software company introducing a new paradigm for trade data storage and management in European energy markets.

At ChorusLink, our purpose is to spearhead a change of paradigm for energy trading software. We think ongoing trends in energy markets and technology platforms one step further and follow the vision of a common platform for energy trading data. This conceptual quantum leap facilitates process efficiencies, optimises investment returns on IT spending and fosters future infrastructure adaptability on an unprecedented level.

ChorusLink represents a new approach to recording, storing and managing energy trade data and related information – in a common trade repository. As the use of a shared repository allows each trade to be stored as a single data object, the relevant information is therefore mutually confirmed by definition. This simplifies settlement, auditing, regulatory reporting as well as the other steps in the lifecycle of a transaction necessitating mutual data verification.

Visit us on www.choruslink.ch to learn more!