Short-Term Trading in Previse Coral

Welcome to Previse Coral – your all-encompassing ETRM solution designed to elevate your trading experience, especially when it comes to short-term (intraday/day-ahead) trading!

Similar to the crucial factors in real estate (location, location, location), successful short-term trading hinges on performance, performance, and more performance! Here at Previse Coral, our cutting-edge technology not only meets but exceeds these demands, even in the face of exceptionally high transaction volumes.

At the heart of our software is its core functionality in post-trade processing. From the moment a trade hits our API, we ensure real-time position monitoring, seamless trade and fee matching against the exchange, communication integration with nomination/scheduling software, and efficient settlement and invoicing processes.

While we can offer direct integration with many energy exchanges, the true gold standard is achieved by seamlessly collaborating with algotrading tools such as PowerBot. Utilizing their exchange connectors, we can offer a truly seamless workflow, optimised for high performance.

Previse Coral already supports various markets for short-term trading: including EPEX, Nordpool, HUPEX, CROPEX, IBEX, OPCOM, and TGE, and more will be added in due course.