Previse Systems is happy to announce that Eva Ollino has joined our team as Product and Markets Specialist.

Eva’s strong background in energy consulting and project management with energy companies across Europe strongly enhances Previse’s capabilities and bandwidth in customer delivery and product management.

Eva – a warm welcome to Previse Systems!

Q – Tell us about your role at Previse

A – I have been very lucky as my role in Previse was set up to fit my profile. I have previously worked as an IT project manager/analyst in a software development company and also in an energy utility, therefore I know what to expect when working in development company focused on the energy sector. As my last role was implementation consultant, I am used to working with customers and quite enjoy the challenges that different projects bring. Therefore, the role which allows me to work on both: product development and getting customers the solutions that they need, fits very well.

What distinguishes Previse as an employer? What incentivised you to join a start up? 

For me Previse is all about people, people that share the same mindset. A result-oriented structure without bureaucracy, assigning responsibility without excessive control, expecting appropriate efforts to reach adequate targets, and above all with a good sense of humour!

What do you see as your main contributions to Previse’s success?

A pragmatic and structured approach to problem solving, a sense of duty and a flair for documenting customer requirements in a way that both future users and system developers have a common understanding of the functionality, so that not too many surprises occur during implementation.