Previse Systems welcomes Anna Zalucka, who strengthens our team as Master Data Product Owner.

Anna’s wide skill set around operations management, business process analysis and project coordination provides Previse Systems with an important growth lever – great to have you on board, Anna!

What makes Previse Systems an attractive employer? What is different to other places you worked at before?

I am particularly taken by the importance which Previse Systems puts on building a fantastic company culture. A culture which supports professionalism, healthy relationships in the team as well as creating opportunities to grow and learn more every day. In Previse, no matter what field you work in, passion and drive for excellence is unbeatable!

Previse Systems with its flat structure is free of micro-management, politics and redundant processes. It emphasizes employee independence, focuses on an open and transparent communication and celebrates employee and company successes! The company is proud of its diversity and encourages its employees to challenge status quo!

In Previse, no matter how much the company grows, you still feel like family. … and it is the only company I know which serves Gammel Dansk for breakfast!! 😊


What are the main challenges in your day-to-day work?

The role of Master Data Product Owner seems extremely interesting to me as I have a history of working in very demanding and dynamic software companies in the past. These have resulted in me being comfortable performing in dynamically changing circumstances. The main day-to-day challenges will be to quickly learn highly advanced, innovative system which uses latest technology and bring value to the team from day one! I believe that very collaborative, highly specialised working environment makes it extremely interesting and challenging the same time.


What are you mid-term perspectives at Previse Systems? Where would you like to see you role develop to?

Personally, I think the higher targets you have for yourself, the lower limits you impose on yourself. Because why not go high!? The only thing that may inhibit us from this, it is your own, usually irrational beliefs. Personal development is one of the elements of my life, which I pay special attention to. That’s probably why I can say that I do not limit myself in what I can actually achieve. Ultimately, I’d like to assume more data product management responsibilities and later get involved in operational project management.

I do not like to sit still hence it is important for me to know how I can progress and develop professionally. It’s important to me to continue learning and exercise my past experience to bring the best results for Previse Systems and our customers.