The future of Energy Sales and Trading lies squarely in an end-to-end digital environment. However even today, a large part of the energy industry relies on a patch-work of primitive tools to process and consume data of the 21st century. Our answer to many of these challenges is PriceHub, a business first technology solution that helps companies transform their operations.

PriceHub comprises of a set of modules that individually complement conventional ETRM/PM systems. Each module is designed to address a specific business need, and works seamlessly in tandem with other PriceHub modules or other third-party products. We aim to optimize your operations by end-to-end digitalization of your processes and workflows.

Our Core Offering

  • Pricing, Offer and Contract Management for Power, Gas. B2B and B2B2C Portal.
  • Price Forward Curves – Power, Gas, Carbon, IR, FX, Fuels, etc.
  • Demand Forecasting- Power and Gas.
  • Market Data Management.
  • Regulatory Reporting.
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Advice.
  • Operational Workflows – Scheduling, Trade Processing, Reporting.

We offer a wide range of hosting and licensing options, from Pure Cloud, to Hybrid to completely On-Premises. A quick out-of-the-box rollout, followed by a tailored implementation, enables early adoption and quick ROI.


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