Q3 2022 Newsletter

Quantity Statuses

Quantity Index Logic

Power Plant Modelling

Power Plant Modelling

Power Plant Modelling

New User Interface

UI Editor

Dynamic Filters

Market Model 2

Trade Cascading

Template Engine

US Virtuals

Settlement Parameters I

Settlement Parameters II

Settlement Parameters III

Discounting I

Discounting II

Discounting III

Inventory I

Inventory II

Inventory III

Views Link I

Views Link II

Q2 2022 Newsletter

Flow Trades

FX Trades and FX Hedging

FX Exposure

Invoice Document Creation

Unit Conversion Factors

Price Exposure from Formulas

Internal Trade Templates

Trade Capture – Fields Re-Ordered

Broker Selection

Migration Tools – Process Model

Smart Contract Responses

Q1 2022 Newsletter

REMIT File Creation

Internal Trade Template

Correlation – Ice Brent vs THE – Asymmetric Matrix

Correlation – THE vs THE – Symmetric Matrix

Correlation – Ice Brent vs THE – Surface Chart

Correlation – Ice Brent vs THE – Surface Chart Maximized

Dynamic Filter – Tree Designer

Dynamic Filter

Certificate Matching View

Certificate Matching – Trade Link

Quantity Shape

Trade Load Performance

GoO Certificate Matching

BUY and SELL Trades matched & Inventory Movements created

BUY and SELL Trades Selection for Matching

Certificate Matching View with Inventory

Inventory Position

Transferred Registry Certificates Movement to Inventory

Q4 2021 Newsletter

Sample Real-Time Position

JAO Financial Capacity Options

JAO Options – Quantity Adjustments

Q3 2021 Newsletter


Transportation (Capacity Trades)



Cascading Process (Status & Log)

Trigger Cascading

Cascading Logs

Workflow Visualisation

Volatility Surface Visualisation

Option Volatilities Matrix

Release Note Pop-up Notifications

Search via Operator

New Dynamic Filter Design

“Bubble View”

Q2 2021 Newsletter

Fees and Fee Defaulting

Master Data (OMP Data)

Master Data (Market Modell Enhancements)

Counterparty data repository

Posting Prices

Posting Prices


Options Trade Capture

Options Trade Capture

Options Trade Capture

Sample Natural Gas Position Reports

Example of a combined hourly and daily NG position report

Example of a combined MtM, position and P&L report

Example of a monthly NG position report (grouped by Market Area & Tradebook)

Example of a report to view P&L by comparing two specific dates

Example of NG position overview report

Sample Multi-Commodity Position Reports

Comparing market prices from two indexes for two specific report times

Comparing positions across multiple commodities between two specific report dates

Embedded Power BI overview of NG, EL and ELC positions with export into PDF

Example of MtM and Position overview for NG, EL and ELC portfolios

Example of a P&L report with the ability to compare the latest MTM results with previously executed valuations


Price chart example selecting two sets of prices for an internal NG index in the forward prices view

Price chart example selecting the inverse FX forward rates for the EUR-DKK index

Price chart example selecting internal NG forward curve prices loaded for specified days

Price chart example selecting FX forward rates for the EUR-DKK index