Zürich, Zug, September 20th, 2021 – Fidectus and Previse Systems today announced a strategic partnership to add Fidectus’ post trade processing capabilities to Previse Systems’ Coral Ecosystem.

This strategic partnership enables EFET´s electronic Settlement Matching (eSM) and electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) out of the box, while keeping clients’ total cost of ownership at a bare minimum.

With native connectivity between the two platforms, the client community can now take advantage of a next generation ETRM solution combined with comprehensive post trade capabilities in energy trading, enabling straight-through processing of trade confirmations, settlements, nettings, financing, and payments. Jointly the Fidectus and Previse Systems services become a seamless experience maximising clients’ ROI.

Join us to see a live demonstration on the integration of these two industry leading innovators at the ETOT 2021 conference in London, October 5-6, 2021.

“The partnership with Fidectus is a great example of how our ecosystem concept fosters collaboration among vendors of complementary products, enabling customers to compose “best-of-breed” solutions. We believe that our customers are looking for the value and flexibility provided by open architectures and a modern technology stack. For many companies, replacing aging and inefficient systems with an ecosystem-approach becomes an interesting alternative as it ensures innovation without the costs, risks and lock-in effects associated with legacy architectures and connectors,” says Asbjørn Hansen of Previse Systems.

Jens Bartenschlager of Fidectus says: “We are happy to join forces with Previse Systems into a new era of energy trading. This partnership further accelerate adoption of our next generation post-trade and cross-company services and creates additional benefits to our joint client community.”

About Fidectus

Fidectus is a Swiss-based company revolutionizing post-trade processing for the over-the-counter energy and commodity markets. Our Global Energy Network (GEN) connects market participants and enables them to significantly reduce cost, risk, and illiquid capital through intelligent tools for reporting, confirmation, settlement, netting, financing, and payment. Clients can now better manage their working capital and improve their operating profitability putting them at a competitive advantage.

For more information, visit https://fidectus.com/.

About Previse Systems

At Previse Systems, we fundamentally reshape the way Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software is designed, implemented and operated. We offer a highly performant SaaS solution for European electricity, natural gas and certificates trading – combining modern software architecture with the latest available tools and technology.

As a conceptual innovation, we build on the notion of “community”, with an infrastructure for energy companies to leverage synergies through collaboration in the IT domain. The goal of this is simple: better software, faster and at lower cost. We create software without any legacy burden. Our data structure follows accepted market standards, which drives easy and fast data migrations, and is also a core factor of strong system performance.

With Previse Systems, energy companies are well equipped to master the challenges of a fast-evolving environment.

For more information, visit https://previsesystems.com/