Previse Systems is excited to announce that Florence Hayden has joined our growing team as Product and Markets Specialist.

With several years of international experience in the delivery and integration of ETRM software, Florence now fills a much wider role at Previse Systems: beyond the classical tasks of a business analyst, Florence also owns various system components from a product management perspective, and supports sales with great product demonstrations.

Florence – welcome to the team, great to have you on board!

What does a typical workday look like for Florence?

There really is no typical day working at Previse, that’s part of the fun! My role is both customer- and product-centric, so I spend a lot of time supporting our customers who are in the process of implementing Previse Coral. This means working with front office, middle office and back office, collecting feedback on what they like, what could be improved and what enhancements we can do to ensure the platform supports their business activities in the best way possible.

In parallel, I also work with the product team designing new functionality, so a fair amount of time is spent writing specifications, collaborating with our development teams and testing new features. In addition to this, I often support the sales process in delivering product demonstrations and proof-of-concepts to potential customers. So no two days are ever the same!


Who are the customers of Previse Systems? What can you tell us about them?

The customer I currently work the closest with is Norlys Energy Trading, a European Gas and Power trading house based in Denmark who this year have grown their business at an accelerated pace whilst implementing Previse Coral to support their trading activities. We have worked hard with them ensuring platform readiness for trading various products and markets across Europe with several successful go-lives already completed this year. They are a fantastic group of people to work with and it is exciting supporting them in their ambitious journey whilst simultaneously growing and developing the Coral platform’s core ETRM capabilities.


What is special about working for Previse Systems?

So many things! Number one is the people – the team at Previse are incredibly talented, innovative and driven which is demonstrated in how much the company has achieved in such a short space of time. I also love how much responsibility and ownership each individual has, your work literally has a visible impact from day one. And finally, the opportunity to work with new technologies and be part of the journey to developing a new-era ETRM solution in the fast-changing energy markets of today is pretty exciting!