& Previse Systems look back at twelve months of successful cooperation!

A modern approach to energy trading

As a modern and very technology-savvy energy company, it was clear to right from the start what the foundations of successful energy trading are – immediate availability of all data in assured quality and an automated flow of the same, integrated across all software systems used.

Modern software architecture, comprehensive functionality and efficient interfaces are some of the key reasons why opted for the ETRM solution from Previse Systems.

Innovative software solution

Thanks to the data quality and automated processes in and with Previse Coral, is now able to handle high-volume automated trading activities with ease. Another key strength of Previse Coral also benefits here: the handling of renewable energies in energy trading, a particular strength of Previse Systems’ software. Ralf Höper, Managing Director of, emphasises:

“The collaboration with Previse confirms our conviction that strategic partnerships promote growth and innovation. The decision to rely on ETRM Coral, which specialises in renewable energies, fits in perfectly with our technology-driven approach. This is already reflected in significant improvements in risk management.”

The beginning … began the implementation of Previse Coral with the migration of a large number of PPAs. With these types of instruments, functionality like cascading time series (daily, monthly, quarterly …) in conjunction with the “best available value” approach makes it a lot easier for traders to conduct their daily business – they enable efficient forecasts and precise market valuation. The continuous monitoring of capture costs and volume exposures in addition significantly reduces risks. Exposure risks can be recognised in real time and deal values can be mapped immediately.

… and the next steps will continue to expand the use of Previse Coral in the coming months, e.g. with the systemic integration of the many deals from short-term trading. In future, this will increase the number of transactions processed daily into the thousands.

Cooperation as the key to success

The team emphasises its satisfaction with the decision not to go with a big player. The close contact with the Previse team, quick feedback loops and the ability to influence the development of the software in the right places in a timely manner made this “journey” much easier.

“Previse Systems’ flexible adaptation to our needs and the immediate updating of their roadmap have saved us many headaches. We really appreciate the fast dialogue and cooperation at eye level.” – Nils Hoffmann, Project Manager