Introducing Previse Coral’s new Quantity Index Management

The Drag of Slow Trade Handling due to Quantity Uploads …

In the past, addressing the integration of trades and quantities was a challenge, often resembling a complex puzzle.

Now envision a future where trade and quantity management operate seamlessly, thus allowing for a more efficient and streamlined process:

Introducing Previse Coral’s new Quantity Index Management

The usability of pre-uploading your indices or shapes is now better than ever. The simplicity of referencing them on the trade allows the associated components to retrieve the quantity information directly and easily. Central to this evolution is an independent, upgraded object within the system, simplifying the storage of quantity time series data across diverse granularities.

The true innovation lies in the seamless linking of different indexes with different granularities. This not only reduces storage requirements but also enhances trading performance.

When customers request data, it can be provided at the granularity they prefer, offering flexibility in data presentation.

Data visualization takes centre stage. Detailed charts provide a intuitive overview of plans, forecasts, and actual production. Custom formulas give you the flexibility to customise your data as needed. Operations such as the addition of curves, multiplication by a fixed value or other calculations are made easy.

Quantity Index functionality has also been improved for the integration of end-of-day and real-time position reporting. Here, users can see both position-related quantities as well as standalone quantity index shapes. So, that means if there are changes in any of the quantity index shapes or formulas related to these shapes, reporting will show that.

Previse Coral’s Quantity Index is more than a mere functional enhancement: it’s a transformative tool that untangles complexities and inefficiencies. If you operate in the power and natural gas sector, you may come to see it as a game-changer.