Zug/Munich, 23 May 2024

Syneco Trading GmbH, a municipal energy procurement company based in Munich, has chosen Previse Systems as the supplier of its new Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solution.

The decision to replace the existing ETRM application with a new one was mainly motivated by the changing requirements in short-term electricity trading and the increasing importance of renewable energies. In particular, the high system performance required due to increasing trading volumes and the introduction of various new green products and associated marketing strategies were decisive factors. By choosing Previse Coral, Syneco has opted for a future-proof ETRM platform based on a modern technology stack.

Previse Coral is an ETRM system based on an advanced, cloud-native architecture that promises outstanding performance and scalability. As a true software-as-a-service solution, Previse Coral takes care of hosting the infrastructure, technical operations and ensures the continuous implementation of incremental updates. This eliminates the need for large and costly release updates. In addition, the master data-as-a-service approach promises faster implementation of the system and significantly reduces the effort required to migrate static data. In addition, missing functionality can be easily integrated via Apps that communicate with Coral independently and encapsulated from the core system via the holistic REST API framework. This avoids adjustments to the core system and the associated disadvantages of traditional customising.

“Previse impressed us with its professional appearance during our selection process and was able to assert itself against established competitors on the ETRM market.” said Karoline Stich, CIO at Syneco Trading GmbH. “The technical architecture of Coral promises high scalability, availability and performance. We are looking forward to modernising our system landscape with Previse Coral as an important component and making it future proof for the requirements of short-term trading and green energies.”

“We are thrilled that Syneco has chosen Previse Coral as their future energy trading solution,” said Asbjørn Hansen, CEO of Previse Systems. “As a customer of strategic importance for us in the German market, Syneco’s decision highlights the necessity of modern technology in today’s energy trading. We are confident that our ETRM platform will provide Syneco with the core trading IT they need to achieve the performance and flexibility that their business demands.”

About Syneco Trading GmbH

Syneco is a leading municipal energy procurement company. As the energy market changes, we are evolving from a trading company into a provider of services for all stages of the energy procurement process. Our offering covers all relevant services for energy procurement at municipal energy supply companies. These include market access, market information and energy logistics as well as portfolio and risk management.

We are a Plus Company of Thüga Aktiengesellschaft. With the Plus companies, the Thüga Group endeavours to efficiently combine various services in the Thüga network.

The aim of Syneco is to save costs through bundling and automation. This is achieved through long-term partnership at eye level. We ensure low procurement costs with the highest quality in all processes. In close cooperation with our partners, we develop solutions for individual requirements, focussing on flexibility, speed and, above all, trust. For a forward-looking, cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy supply.

About Previse Systems

At Previse Systems, we fundamentally reshape the way Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software is designed, implemented and operated. We offer a highly performant SaaS solution for European electricity, natural gas and certificates trading – combining modern software architecture with the latest available tools and technology.

As a conceptual innovation, we build on the notion of “community”, with an infrastructure for energy companies to leverage synergies through collaboration in the IT domain. The goal of this is simple: better software, faster and at lower cost. We create software without any legacy burden. Our data structure follows accepted market standards, which drives easy and fast data migrations, and is also a core factor of strong system performance.

With Previse Systems, energy companies are well equipped to master the challenges of a fast-evolving environment.