Interns at Previse: Where Creativity and Fresh Perspectives Thrive


Picture this: a place where nighttime mountain runs are a standard team building exercise, and being greeted with a river float on a plastic pineapple is the norm.

Welcome to Previse Systems—a world where interns are far from mere coffee fetchers. They’re a vital part of transforming the energy sector, bringing fresh energy and creativity to the team.

Let’s dive into the world of our interns: Mariia, Elina and Mart in Product Management and Linda in Marketing

Mart, who came to Previse from supporting chefs and early IT jobs, brings a special blend of expertise to Previse as a Business Information Technology graduate. What Mart didn’t expect at this early stage was to have such direct contact with customers. For him, this is proof of Previse’s hands-on learning environment. Currently, Mart is deeply involved in the development of the roadmap tool. “Clients can vote for features and collaborate with us to ensure a customer-driven focus for the development of Coral. It’s one of my favorite projects so far!” Beyond his involvement in product management, Mart’s thirst for adventure led him to join the Previse Night Run during the annual offsite week in the mountains of Valais. He sees this as clear evidence of Previse’s dynamic and collaborative spirit.

Linda, who is studying Business Administration in St. Gallen, adds a spark of marketing magic to Previse. At the start of her internship, which she began during an exchange in Lisbon, she dived into tasks ranging from helping with the App store-setup to crafting the “Energy Trading Club” platform. Finding herself among 25’000 participants at E-World, one of the largest energy fairs, was a memorable highlight. Yet Linda says, for her it’s the warm welcome at the summer party – floating down the river on a plastic pineapple – that perfectly demonstrates the blend of fun and professionalism at Previse.

Then there is Mariia, who comes from the field of computer science at ETH. She shared that before her time at Previse, the thought of contributing to the development of new APIs was beyond her wildest dreams. But here she is, mixing AI and data management with creative brainstorming sessions. Her favorite moment? Designing Previse-themed Halloween costumes with Florence. Imagine the possibilities – a human-sized interactive dashboard anyone?

Elina, who studies electrical engineering and IT at ETH Zurich, expressed that at Previse, she found the perfect opportunity to fulfill her aspiration of merging business with technology. Not only has she been grateful to learn a great deal about product ownership, but to work in an environment of understanding, collaboration, and relentless forward thinking on a daily basis.

Between API brainstorming, transforming product ownership, customer meetings, and unforgettable social events, it’s clear that Previse isn’t just about work. It’s about creating a space where young talents like Mariia, Elina, Mart, and Linda can thrive, bringing their unique backgrounds and skills to the forefront.