Basil Twisleton joins Previse Systems as Lead Developer

Previse Systems is excited to announce that Basil Twisleton joins our growing team as Lead Developer.

Basil strengthens our venture by adding his unique skillset of a deep understanding of modern software technology and architecture combined with many years’ experience in the energy trading software industry.

Basil – great to have you on board! Let’s talk a bit about your expectations towards your new role:

What do you see as your most interesting challenge as Previse’s lead developer?

Working for a new player in the market definitely brings some interesting challenges. For me the most fascinating one is the creation of a stable and scalable platform for business-critical enterprise operations. Previse has a refreshing mentality of “design right, build once”. This allows us to address both business and technical goals, ensuring the solutions are future-proof and will perform for a growing market.

How do you see technology drive the business case for Previse?

Technology changes are constantly affecting all businesses, not just those in the IT sector. Companies who do not keep up with current trends are quickly left behind. That is why Previse is focused on providing the technology expertise to build a managed platform that consistently provides access to state-of-the-art technology. We have an opportunity to bring the long-established business processes into the next generation with true distributed compute and storage solutions.

What sets Previse Systems apart from the technology perspective?

Previse is in the position to address the industry in a fresh way, building a modular and robust platform using the latest and most advanced technology from the ground up. We are planning and building without the common concerns of having to consider support for legacy systems. Our modular approach gives us the capacity to select the best technology for each specific situation, implementing performance and security at a granular level.