Nexus Energía selects Previse Systems’ ETRM Solution

Previse Systems is pleased to announce that Nexus Energía, a key player in the Spanish renewable energy market, has selected Previse Coral as their new ETRM platform.

With an impressive track record of building a successful trading operation, Nexus Energía needed a robust IT infrastructure to support the future growth envisioned, and also support its ambitions in the area of trading renewable energy. After a thorough look at the ETRM market, Nexus Energía’s saw its requirements and expectations fulfilled by the Previse Coral platform – and subsequently validated this in an in-depth Proof of Concept.

The main decision factors in favour of Previse Systems included the capability to implement easily and fast, the fast time to market for future areas of expansion, as well as the market understanding and competence of the vendor.

Previse Coral will be deployed at Nexus Energía to manage trading operations in European Union Allowances (EUAs), Power (incl. PPAs), Natural Gas and Guarantees of Origin (GoOs).

“During the intensive collaboration with the Previse Systems team during the Proof of Concept, we were convinced both by the software’s functional scope and coverage as well as the advantages that the applied technology stack offers,” said César Rodríguez Llorca, corporate director of energy management at Nexus Energía, “we are confident that this is the right solution for Nexus Energía to drive future growth, with the ability to adapt and expand the system fast and efficiently.”

“We are thrilled that Nexus Energía has chosen Previse Systems to deliver its new ETRM solution,” said Asbjørn Hansen, CEO of Previse Systems, “we see this as a further validation of our concepts and the importance of the innovations our modern technology stack brings to the ETRM industry. Also, our first Spanish customer is an important milestone for us, and we are looking forward to reconnecting with our network in Spain and to expanding the Previse Systems footprint on the Iberian Peninsula.”

The scope of the implementation includes price import interfaces from EEX, ICE, OMIP and MEFF, as well as a Trayport trade import interface by Previse Systems’ partner LEAD Consult.

Minsait, a leading consulting and system integration company in the energy and utilities sector, will provide project management support to Nexus Energía.

About Nexus Energía

Nexus Energía is a leading group in the commercialization of electricity and natural gas, representing producers in the market with international presence in Portugal and Mexico. Founded in 2000 by a dozen local companies from all over Spain with a long tradition in electricity distribution, the company supplies electricity and natural gas to more than 21,000 business supply points and more than 39,100 domestic supply points. With a team of more than 200 employees, Grupo Nexus Energía manages 16 TWh and had a turnover of more than 2,000 million euros in the last financial year.

The company was a pioneer in promoting green energy and today is a leader in the representation of renewable energy producers, with more than 18,100 plants represented. The company is committed to promoting energy sustainability and involving its customers in the change towards a new energy model, promoting the consumption of renewable energies and self-consumption. Grupo Nexus Energía works to bring energy to people and companies easily and empower them to make a conscious and efficient consumption.

About Previse Systems

At Previse Systems, we fundamentally reshape the way Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software is designed, implemented and operated. We offer a highly performant SaaS solution for European electricity, natural gas and certificates trading – combining modern software architecture with the latest available tools and technology.

As a conceptual innovation, we build on the notion of “community”, with an infrastructure for energy companies to leverage synergies through collaboration in the IT domain. The goal of this is simple: better software, faster and at lower cost. We create software without any legacy burden. Our data structure follows accepted market standards, which drives easy and fast data migrations, and is also a core factor of strong system performance.

With Previse Systems, energy companies are well equipped to master the challenges of a fast-evolving environment.