Péter Baghy joins Previse Systems as Product Expert

Previse Systems is excited to announce that Péter Baghy joins our growing team as Product Expert.

Peter comes equipped with more than 10 years of application management experience in the ETRM software world, which make Péter a great asset for Previse for the complex role he fills. Péter – welcome to the team, great to have you on board!

Q – what was most appealing to you about joining Previse?

It is hard to identify a single factor here, as there are actually several (not in the order of priority/importance): it is using modern cloud technology and a modular approach in ETRM which I strongly believe is the way forward, it is the opportunity to be strongly involved in the product design and development and be “creative”, and of course the opportunity to be part of an awesome team, to work with people who have the best knowledge in the business and are just great to work with!


Q – how does modern technology make your job easier at Previse?

Using the latest technology for product development allows us to dramatically shorten the “design to delivery” process quicker. This is of course a huge plus for our customers, as it gives us the ability to quickly adapt to changing market circumstances and new requirements. On the support side, the technology and modern design makes our software very intuitive for our customers to understand. This reduces training requirements and allows for an efficient interaction with the support team to find the best and quickest solution for customer queries.