News from the Previse Systems Team

Introducing New Previse Team Members

At Previse Systems, our greatest asset is our team, and we are thrilled to introduce four new members who bring unique skills, experiences, and personalities to our rapidly growing family.

Get to know Mathias, Niklas, Thomas, and Victoria (see picture, left to right)—each bringing their own flair and expertise to help us continue our journey in the ETRM industry.

Mathias – Software Developer

Originally from Denmark, Mathias Svendsen is our tech enthusiast, driven by curiosity about everything from minute technical details to grand philosophical ideas. With experience at Norlys and a knack for control systems, Mathias has already begun making an impact by improving our development and documentation culture. Truly believing that Coral is the best ETRM system, he is particularly excited about making Coral even more developer-friendly, ensuring it remains one of the best. Having worked with Previse Systems before, Mathias was eager to join the team to see “how the pudding is made” and contribute to our growth.

As of today, he especially appreciates being in a company where people are moving at an insane pace. He finds it amazing how many functions Coral has, and more are still being added. Despite everyone being busy, he values that people still take the time for a quick chat and getting to know each other.

When he’s not immersed in coding, Mathias enjoys sustainable cooking, often turning Too-Good-To-Go groceries into delicious meals.

Niklas – Product Owner

Niklas Peters brings over 15 years of experience in the energy sector, having held various roles in Energy trading and optimizing diversified power plant portfolios, Subject Matter Expert to Product Owner. Known for his strategic foresight, Niklas excels in integrating technology to optimize portfolio performance and mitigate risks. At Previse, he aims to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and is particularly enthusiastic about his consultancy role. He looks forward to making a significant impact by adding the features he always wanted as a user himself.

Outside the office, Niklas is an avid runner, swimmer, and motor biker, with a unique talent for befriending dogs—even managing to charm a police dog at the airport! He enjoys creating rule-based algorithmic models for trading and often “borrows” dogs from his neighbours for jogging.

Thomas – Senior Consultant

Thomas Hostettler joins us with a robust background of over 15 years at BKW, where he played pivotal roles in back office and portfolio management. His crowning achievement was the successful implementation of Allegro after a decade of dedication. His passion for organizational development, coupled with his extensive experience, positions him as a key player in our mission to become the leading supplier of ETRM software. Thomas is looking forward to contributing to Previse’s growth and helping EWB with the final stage of the Coral implementation, conveniently located just a short bike ride from his home.

Outside of work, Thomas loves hiking, cooking gourmet meals, and photography, although he admits to never editing his photos.

Victoria – Senior Project Manager

Victoria Woods, originally from Manchester, has spent the last five years in Zurich working on diverse IT projects. Attracted to the dynamic and fun team at Previse, she is eager to dive into the energy sector and bring best practices to our implementations. Victoria’s background in IT, combined with her enthusiasm for learning, makes her a valuable addition to our team. She is excited to explore the new industry and hopes to make the implementations as fun as possible.

Coming from Manchester, a city obsessed with music, Victoria has a true passion for live music, and she is always on the lookout for live performances in Zurich.


We are eager to see the unique contributions Thomas, Mathias, Niklas, and Victoria will bring to Previse Systems. Their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for innovation and purpose perfectly align with our values. Welcome to the team everyone!

Intern Insights: The Previse Experience

Interns at Previse: Where Creativity and Fresh Perspectives Thrive


Picture this: a place where nighttime mountain runs are a standard team building exercise, and being greeted with a river float on a plastic pineapple is the norm.

Welcome to Previse Systems—a world where interns are far from mere coffee fetchers. They’re a vital part of transforming the energy sector, bringing fresh energy and creativity to the team.

Let’s dive into the world of our interns: Mariia, Elina and Mart in Product Management and Linda in Marketing

Mart, who came to Previse from supporting chefs and early IT jobs, brings a special blend of expertise to Previse as a Business Information Technology graduate. What Mart didn’t expect at this early stage was to have such direct contact with customers. For him, this is proof of Previse’s hands-on learning environment. Currently, Mart is deeply involved in the development of the roadmap tool. “Clients can vote for features and collaborate with us to ensure a customer-driven focus for the development of Coral. It’s one of my favorite projects so far!” Beyond his involvement in product management, Mart’s thirst for adventure led him to join the Previse Night Run during the annual offsite week in the mountains of Valais. He sees this as clear evidence of Previse’s dynamic and collaborative spirit.

Linda, who is studying Business Administration in St. Gallen, adds a spark of marketing magic to Previse. At the start of her internship, which she began during an exchange in Lisbon, she dived into tasks ranging from helping with the App store-setup to crafting the “Energy Trading Club” platform. Finding herself among 25’000 participants at E-World, one of the largest energy fairs, was a memorable highlight. Yet Linda says, for her it’s the warm welcome at the summer party – floating down the river on a plastic pineapple – that perfectly demonstrates the blend of fun and professionalism at Previse.

Then there is Mariia, who comes from the field of computer science at ETH. She shared that before her time at Previse, the thought of contributing to the development of new APIs was beyond her wildest dreams. But here she is, mixing AI and data management with creative brainstorming sessions. Her favorite moment? Designing Previse-themed Halloween costumes with Florence. Imagine the possibilities – a human-sized interactive dashboard anyone?

Elina, who studies electrical engineering and IT at ETH Zurich, expressed that at Previse, she found the perfect opportunity to fulfill her aspiration of merging business with technology. Not only has she been grateful to learn a great deal about product ownership, but to work in an environment of understanding, collaboration, and relentless forward thinking on a daily basis.

Between API brainstorming, transforming product ownership, customer meetings, and unforgettable social events, it’s clear that Previse isn’t just about work. It’s about creating a space where young talents like Mariia, Elina, Mart, and Linda can thrive, bringing their unique backgrounds and skills to the forefront.

Previse Coral’s new Quantity Index Management

Introducing Previse Coral’s new Quantity Index Management

The Drag of Slow Trade Handling due to Quantity Uploads …

In the past, addressing the integration of trades and quantities was a challenge, often resembling a complex puzzle.

Now envision a future where trade and quantity management operate seamlessly, thus allowing for a more efficient and streamlined process:

Introducing Previse Coral’s new Quantity Index Management

The usability of pre-uploading your indices or shapes is now better than ever. The simplicity of referencing them on the trade allows the associated components to retrieve the quantity information directly and easily. Central to this evolution is an independent, upgraded object within the system, simplifying the storage of quantity time series data across diverse granularities.

The true innovation lies in the seamless linking of different indexes with different granularities. This not only reduces storage requirements but also enhances trading performance.

When customers request data, it can be provided at the granularity they prefer, offering flexibility in data presentation.

Data visualization takes centre stage. Detailed charts provide a intuitive overview of plans, forecasts, and actual production. Custom formulas give you the flexibility to customise your data as needed. Operations such as the addition of curves, multiplication by a fixed value or other calculations are made easy.

Quantity Index functionality has also been improved for the integration of end-of-day and real-time position reporting. Here, users can see both position-related quantities as well as standalone quantity index shapes. So, that means if there are changes in any of the quantity index shapes or formulas related to these shapes, reporting will show that.

Previse Coral’s Quantity Index is more than a mere functional enhancement: it’s a transformative tool that untangles complexities and inefficiencies. If you operate in the power and natural gas sector, you may come to see it as a game-changer.