Open Data DSL - Go Beyond the Basics

After many years of building and using data management systems, we condensed all our knowledge into the OpenDataDSL platform.

Our vision is to provide high-quality, flexible and low-cost data modelling, management and reporting tools for all sizes of businesses and all types of markets.

As a cloud SAAS company, we leverage elastic scaling and serverless technology to provide high quality, high performance, high availability world-scale software and services. We provide a cloud platform for managing market & proprietary business data including master data, expiries, holidays, time and event series, forward curves, matrices, futures, options and IOT events.

Optional standard support packages can be added to match your operational requirements. Use what you need, pay for what you use.

Go beyond the basics – more than just a data feed and curve builder.


The dispoGas Solution

dispoGas is an SaaS platform that streamlines natural gas nomination handling in Europe. Our platform simplifies the message exchange process for our customers with the relevant Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and Market Area Coordinators.

Built for the cloud, dispoGas is accessible simply via your web browsers. You can easily provide the quantities for your nominations, and we take care of sending the right information to your market partners in the appropriate format and over encrypted AS2/AS4 channels.

dispoGas is designed to be user-friendly, giving you a clear overview of your current nomination status and the ability to automate the nomination process. If any action is required, dispoGas will actively notify you via email, SMS or other communication channels.




Founded and managed by people with senior management experience in the commodities trading and technology industry, CommodityFirst is a consulting firm providing services from C-level to subject matter expertise and has a strong track record in delivering large programs and projects, covering both critical Business and IT solutions.

CommodityFirst provides commodity trading companies with complete project teams, covering project management, business analysis, subject matter experts, solution architects, and software developers, or provide support with selected individuals as per requirements.

As an independent advisor CommodityFirst maintains partnerships with industry leaders and expert firms to ensure updated, in-depth knowledge of market challenges, opportunities, and solutions.

We have a sincere experience of working with key C/ETRM solutions, including:

  • Market scanning and benchmarking
  • Systems landscape design
  • Software selection and RFI/RFP
  • Implementation, integration, and business readiness
  • Augmentation for competitive edge

We use a proven approach to ensure our clients an efficient and diligent route in an often complex and dynamic environment.

e·Opt Solutions


The future of Energy Sales and Trading lies squarely in an end-to-end digital environment. However even today, a large part of the energy industry relies on a patch-work of primitive tools to process and consume data of the 21st century. Our answer to many of these challenges is PriceHub, a business first technology solution that helps companies transform their operations.

PriceHub comprises of a set of modules that individually complement conventional ETRM/PM systems. Each module is designed to address a specific business need, and works seamlessly in tandem with other PriceHub modules or other third-party products. We aim to optimize your operations by end-to-end digitalization of your processes and workflows.

Our Core Offering

  • Pricing, Offer and Contract Management for Power, Gas. B2B and B2B2C Portal.
  • Price Forward Curves – Power, Gas, Carbon, IR, FX, Fuels, etc.
  • Demand Forecasting- Power and Gas.
  • Market Data Management.
  • Regulatory Reporting.
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Advice.
  • Operational Workflows – Scheduling, Trade Processing, Reporting.

We offer a wide range of hosting and licensing options, from Pure Cloud, to Hybrid to completely On-Premises. A quick out-of-the-box rollout, followed by a tailored implementation, enables early adoption and quick ROI.


The KYOS Analytical Platform

Whether you need help with valuing your renewable investment project, PPAs, power plants, gas storages, – or you need an advance risk management system or price forecasting services – KYOS has the tools and expertise. Our software is extremely robust and gives you the answers you need to make better decisions. We offer various software solutions for the energy sector, all embedded in the KYOS Analytical Platform.

The KYOS Analytical Platform is our flagship software solution, offered as a SaaS product. It contains an unrivalled range of top analytical modules for valuation, risk management and optimisation in energy and commodity markets.

You can select the modules depending on your needs. Automated data feeds and calculations ensure you always have the latest information at your fingertips. The Platform communicates seamlessly with other systems using our APIs and Python custom programming interface. Our unique suite of models for valuation and optimisation, uses the latest methodologies and is based on stochastic optimisation. It is possible to add price data services. The Platform can create accurate live or end-of-day market price forward curves, essential for trading, structuring and risk management. In addition, we also have a fundamental model for long-term (>30 year) power prices.

Advantages KYOS software

  • A web-based system with a central database and superior analytics
  • User friendly and intuitive user interface: clear workflows
  • Smoothly moves from market prices, to price forward curves, to Monte Carlo simulation
  • Stochastic optimization and valuation
  • Advanced risk management tools (Cashflow-at-Risk, Value-at-Risk, Earnings-at-Risk)

Since 2008, KYOS software has been built on knowledge, skill and commitment of our team. Our mission is to help clients take the right decisions based on accurate analysis, to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable use of our natural resources.

Contact us:

KYOS Energy Analytics
Nieuwe Gracht 49
2011 ND Haarlem, the Netherlands

Telephone: +31 23 5510221

For more information, please visit our website:


Equias: Giving everyone equal access to energy trading

Equias’s mission is to help market participation and trading activity grow by building a dynamic community of European energy traders. They offer products in four business areas, which together ensure that energy trading is equally accessible to all. Equias optimizes energy trading through process automation based on open market standards. A trusted partner to their clients and always focused on results, Equias’s work has made OTC energy trading highly efficient, continually offering  a close, collaborative and rewarding experience for all involved.


Alexandra Trinbacher
Sales Director
Equias B.V.
+49 174 332 75 18



Who we are

Founded and managed by individuals with in-depth experience and know-how in the market access and business development field, Time2Market was born to provide high quality, tailored made services covering your needs in market expansion.

What we do

At Time2Market we provide comprehensive market access services for the entrepreneurs in the energy industry. In the face of the perpetually changing market conditions, we propose solutions aimed at maximizing your benefits in the long term. We allow you the possibility to outsource the time consuming tasks by taking the administrative responsibilities off your shoulders and maximizing your existing capabilities to the fullest.

We support your growth ambitions by taking your company to new power and gas markets at accelerated speed. Our core services include but are not limited to: obtaining wholesale power and wholesale gas license from relevant authorities, TSO registration, trading platform accesses. Having Previse System as our preferred ETRM system service provider, we cover a wider spectrum of market access and faster time2market.

Being the expert in the market access and management field, we execute your growth ambitions with quality service, dedication and passion.

We deliver – you excel.


Today’s post-trade process energy trading results in significant cost, risk exposure and billions of tied cash flows. Once considered an acceptable cost of doing business, the current practice puts energy traders at a competitive disadvantage. Fidectus´ Global Energy Network (GEN) is changing that. It revolutionises post-trade processing in energy and commodity markets. It connects you with your trading partners and provides you tools to better manage your working capital. Improve your operating profitability, reduce your risk and illiquid capital now. Literally plug and play.

Fidectus’ Global Energy Network offers you OTC tailored post trading services and financing solutions. You can benefit of automated cross-company workflows around confirmations, settlements, nettings and payments. You can manage exceptions in no time. You have full control and transparency through one unified platform seamlessly integrated with Previse Systems. And you can benefit of on-demand financing solutions – Dynamic Discounting, Factoring or Reverse Factoring.

Your Business Benefits

  • Achieve straight-through-processing in your energy post trading.
  • Unify intra- and cross-company collaboration.
  • Seamlessly report, confirm, settle and net trades, track payments for physical and financial products.
  • Pay earlier, get paid earlier, pay later, get paid later or negotiate partial payments.
  • Reduce your operational cost and risk.
  • Reduce your settlement risk.
  • Relieve trading limits quicker.
  • Optimize your cash flows and untie capital.
  • Avoid negative interest rates.
  • Increase your operating profitability.

Why Fidectus?

  • Choose a leading enterprise cloud platform jointly developed with traders and brokers.
  • Apply the best in class cloud technology and benefit from security, scalability and flexibility.
  • Enjoy the best in class user experience and don’t waste time with documentation and trainings.
  • Plug and play cloud solution with full bidirectional integration to Previse Systems.
  • Choose a well-known and established challenger bringing thought leadership and innovation to you.


Fidectus AG (Fidectus SA) (Fidectus Ltd)
Fraumünsterstrasse 16
8001 Zürich, Switzerland

+41 32 512 98 36

Joint White Paper

Press Releases

Fidectus eCM Connector App

See in the short video below how the eCM Connector App built by LEAD Consult seamlessly connects Fidectus’ eCM functionality to Previse Coral.


Our Services

ETRMServices has a global team of experts in energy trading and risk management solutions. Thriving in the complex business of energy and commodity trading requires a partner that takes full ownership of your IT issues so that you can focus on what you do best. With systems that are reliable, integrated, and flexible enough to handle a fast-paced market with ongoing regulatory shifts, ETRMServices is the partner you can count on.

Our experts provide superior service across all ETRM systems: compliance and data management solutions, trading and clearing platforms, forecasting and analytical tools, and interfaces between these systems and the market. All of our work is customised for your specific business requirements. With our global team, we guarantee comprehensive 24/7 IT support for your entire organisation.

ETRMServices is the partner to look for to implement your Previse Coral system or any App development in the Coral Ecosystem.

ETRMServices Adapters

ETRMServices Adapters provide reliable links to external exchanges, trading platforms, brokers and market data providers. Our technology ensures that trades, orders and market data are correctly transformed, mapped and distributed into Previse Coral.

We are a Certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for EPEX M7/ETS, ETPA, CROPEX and Nord Pool and a Certified Software Provider (CSP) for Trayport.

ETRMServices Products


enmacc is the next-generation energy trading platform, boosting liquidity in markets for power, gas and renewable certificates across Europe. We deliver efficiency, security and critical data to grow your business margin and execute optimal trading. enmacc is Europe’s fastest-growing digital OTC energy trading platform and digitises energy trading from end-to-end. Our mission is to create powerful energy markets for the world. Market participants gain speed, efficiency and security. All members of the enmacc network benefit from gaining more market opportunities and liquidity as well as new business potential.

enmacc customers can use three trading screens:

entender – the world-leading Request-For-Quote (RFQ) technology for energy markets;
enmarket – the OTC price screen and open marketplace for one-click trading; and
engreen – a state-of-the-art trading screen for Guarantees of Origin (GoOs).

Complete documentation and complete, audit-proof archiving of all trading activities on the platform take place automatically. The real-time credit check guarantees trading and process security on all sides.

enmacc was founded in 2016, is based in Munich and has a team of more than 60 people working on the future of energy trading together with the enmacc network of more than 330 companies and over 1,600 active traders.

For more information, visit