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At Previse Systems, we fundamentally reshape the way Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software is designed, implemented and operated.

We offer a highly performant SaaS solution for European electricity, natural gas and certificates trading – combining modern software architecture with the latest available tools and technology.

As a conceptual innovation, we build on the notion of “community”, with an infrastructure for energy companies to leverage synergies through collaboration in the IT domain. The goal of this is simple: better software, faster and at lower cost.

We create software without any legacy burden. Our data structure follows accepted market standards, which drives easy and fast data migrations, and is also a core factor of strong system performance.

We develop software that is both optimised for today’s energy trading, and ready for the changes anticipated in the markets in the coming years.

With our open App Store, we have the solution to the classic question of “buy vs. build” by proposing an optimal equilibrium. For the development of individual, regional, or otherwise specific functionality, our App Store introduces a flexibility of choices and alternatives, as well as a speed of realisation not seen before in this industry.

With Previse Systems, energy companies are well equipped to master the challenges of a fast evolving environment.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Previse Team

Florence Hayden

Florence is passionate about what she does, and she does a lot at Previse Systems! For her, it is all about the interaction with customers – as a product manager, translating requirements to specifications, as a product specialist, assisting customers in implementations and beyond, and of course as a pre-sales expert, introducing prospective customers to the breadth and depth of the software’s capabilities.

Florence has spent several years implementing and integrating ETRM software at energy companies all over Europe, given her comprehensive insights into the day-to-day operations and related software system requirements for electricity, natural gas and certificates trading in the European markets.

Florence lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland.

Christine Clemons

Christine adds customer value as a main asset for software integration and implementation projects.

With 7 years of consulting and software implementation experience for energy companies on both sides of the pond, Christine combines her expertise in European gas and power markets with a solid understanding of the underlying challenges energy companies face in the current market. Her detail-oriented work ethic and high adaptability to different cultures and fast-paced work environments ensure that customer expectations are consistently exceeded.

Christine lives in the Düsseldorf area of Germany and although she loves all animals, she plans to get a cat in the near future.

Anna Zalucka

Anna fulfils a variety of roles – in design & development, data analysis and documentation for Previse Systems and also as product owner of the Master Data Management as a Service offering on behalf of ChorusLink.

Anna has 15 years of experience in finance, consulting, services operations and project management. Her attention to detail and ability to coordinate a multitude of diverse tasks in an efficient manner provides vital support to several areas of Previse operations.

Anna lives in the Zug area of Switzerland with her partner and their son. Once circumstances allow, she will have a dog.

Eva Ollino

Eva acts as an interconnector between customers and product management – combining implementation tasks with the writing of specifications and software quality assurance.

Eva has 10 years of experience in software consulting in the energy sector, where she has worked in in various roles both for a software vendor and for a utility as software user, namely project manager, analyst and implementation consultant. She enjoys working with energy companies and translating business requirements into software functionalities. With her profound experience, her structured approach to problem-solving and her sense of duty, customers can rely on her to consistently deliver targeted solutions.

Eva lives in the Tallinn area of Estonia with her husband and two kids.

Martin Steeger

Martin oversees software design and product management at Previse Systems, a role in which he merges disruptive visions with meticulous attention to detail.

Equipped with a 20-year background in the energy software industry, Martin has worked in both design and project roles at energy companies as well as for different software vendors. This has given him the unique insights into customers’ business processes and requirements that he now translates into Previse Systems’ software capabilities.

Martin lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland with his family and a few pets.

Asbjørn Hansen

Asbjørn is the soul and principal driving force behind Previse Systems.

Asbjørn has spent all his professional life – starting in 2000 – in energy trading. Initially working for a major utility in multiple different roles, he developed a profound expertise in business processes and their interplay with information technology, which eventually led him to join a vendor of trading software. Over the last 14 years, he has become a trusted adviser to some of Europe’s largest energy trading companies who have benefitted from his exceptional skills and his thorough understanding of energy value chains. His passion for excellence and his constant search for the optimal solution fuels Previse Systems’ vision for a new approach to energy trading software.

Asbjørn lives in the Zug area of Switzerland with his wife and Martin’s cat.

Basil Twisleton

Basil leads software development at Previse Systems.

With over 10 years of technical experience in the financial and commodity industries, he is well-equipped to deliver our software platforms to the world. A strong believer of “design it right, build it once”, he draws the perfect balance of skills to run our development team from years spent designing, developing, administering and supporting software systems.

Basil lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland with his girlfriend. (If he had a pet, it would be a panda bear.)

Alex Suciu

Alex is a core contributor to various aspects of product development at Previse Systems.

Well versed in modern aspects of information technology, Alex’ specific areas of interest include distributed systems, machine learning, “big data” and data engineering, business intelligence and advanced analytics. In combination with a sound familiarity with the architecture of traditional E/CTRM solutions, his expertise is key to advance Previse Systems’ New Paradigm for energy trading software.

Alex lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland. He likes dogs but plans to have a cat in the course of 2022 now (didn’t happen in 2021 as originally planned …).

Péter Baghy

Péter wears several hats at Previse Systems. Besides his important contributions to product management – new feature design and development, quality assurance, release management, database management – he is also tasked with establishing and running customer support.

With a background of 10 years in a variety of roles around ETRM application management, including project implementation and support roles with both a leading gas trading company and an ETRM software vendor, his thorough understanding of technology and his commitment to customer satisfaction, Péter is an anchor team member for Previse Systems in various departments of our organisation.

Péter lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland with his wife.

Marc Zumstein

Marc drives business development, marketing and communications at Previse Systems.

Marc has over 15 years of trading and risk management software sales and business development under his belt, 10 of which in the energy industry. He is passionate about efficient, transparent and professional interactions with customers and partners, and sees sales as the permanent quest for “win-win” for all involved parties.

Marc lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland with his family, four dogs and four guinea pigs.

Lorenzo Costantini

Lorenzo is a key resource in Previse Systems’ software development team.

Lorenzo combines a sound background in both technology and the energy markets with a drive to perfection and a fundamental curiosity about finding ways to continuously improve the software. His specific areas of interest include Smart Contracts, workflow management, trade load optimisation and the integration with algorithmic trading and quality assurance on those and other components of Previse Systems’ product. Lorenzo thrives on working through new concepts and translating customer requirements into working code.

Lorenzo lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland.


At the advanced age of 13, Usi has long retired from active duty but still accompanies us to our annual offsite meetings in the mountains.

A top notch office dog, he ensures that during our workshops we are not molested by cats or mice so that we can fully concentrate on the future of Previse Systems. During our occasional hikes, he keeps us entertained by encouraging us to throw pine cones for him to fetch – a game that he can enjoy for hours.

Usi lives in the Zurich area of Switzerland with his owners (whom he likes a lot) and some other dogs (that he does not care for much).


Materials for Download

FORRS: New Frontiers in Energy Trading Architectures (Sep 2021)
Thoughts on Monolithic ETRM Implementations (Jul 2021)
Trade Templates & Market Templates (Apr 2021)
GoO Trading (Feb 2021)
Previse Brochure (Dec 2020)
Master Data Management as a Service (Nov 2020)
ChorusLink Brochure (Nov 2020)
White Paper (Oct 2020)


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    Materials for Download

    FORRS: New Frontiers in Energy Trading Architectures (Sep 2021)
    Thoughts on Monolithic ETRM Implementations (Jul 2021)
    Trade Templates & Market Templates (Apr 2021)
    GoO Trading (Feb 2021)
    Previse Brochure (Dec 2020)
    Master Data Management as a Service (Nov 2020)
    ChorusLink Brochure (Nov 2020)
    White Paper (Oct 2020)


      Previse Coral

      Previse Coral is a uniquely designed Energy Trade and Risk Management (ETRM) system, based on the ChorusLink common trade repository. Previse Coral stands for highly performant valuation and reporting, combining external (market-facing) trades, pushed automatically from ChorusLink, with internal trades, production/consumption forecasts as well as market prices.

      Using in-cache reporting for superior performance, Previse Coral calculates mark-to-market, profit & loss as well as exposures, and also includes robust management of limits and market conformity. Previse Coral utilizes the standardized master data repository in ChorusLink, updating automatically when new master data becomes available.

      The valuation and reporting engine is designed for classical end of day reports as well as real-time valuations – the latter employs data aggregation to avoid wasting resources on revaluing positions that have not changed.

      Whether portfolio-relevant changes arrive in terms of prices or position changes, the engine automatically generates delta time series and pushes these to any subscribing reports converted to the currency and unit of the report.

      The Previse Coral approach serves as the valuation and reporting basis and provides more accurate and timely visibility of positions than otherwise available in today’s marketplace.

      Previse Coral Technology

      Previse Coral is developed using .Net Core, microservices and Azure functions (serverless computing); it is optimised for performance and designed for granularities down to 1 minute.

      Previse Coral is delivered as subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, with continuous delivery and release management down to microservice level. It includes with built-in automated testing – i.e. entirely avoiding any future (traditional) upgrades of the solution.

      The design ensures that the solution is state of the art, flexible and extremely low-cost for companies to deploy and maintain. In addition, it simplifies the IT landscape and the related cost of ownership significantly.

      Coral Ecosystem

      The Coral Ecosystem complements Previse Coral with an app-store-like platform to add custom or reusable functionality to the software. The Ecosystem allows Previse Systems, Coral customers or 3rd parties (e.g. software developers or consulting companies) to develop, publish and resell Apps to add specific functionality onto Previse Coral. The design ensures that the Apps are seamlessly available as part of the overall solution. The Ecosystem also allows Coral customers to resell Apps they have built to other companies to share development and maintenance costs, and also to build and maintain Private Apps, if the functionality is deemed proprietary or sensitive from a competitive point of view.

      A core benefit of the Coral Ecosystem lies in its facilitating distributed development, removing the bottleneck of a single development department responsible not only for new software production, but also of supporting (typically various versions of) a software.

      External developers of Apps deliver standardized functionality (e.g. interfaces) that can be be used across multiple customers ensuring speed and cost efficiency. The Ecosystem ensures that any enhancements are automatically deployed to all customers ensuring that they always have the latest version of the App.

      By offering off-the-shelf Apps which are already tested and deployed at other customers, the Coral Ecosystem delivers a unique advantage for Coral customers by minimizing their time to market. The Coral Ecosystem also caters for the following processes:

      App Development Partners have access to development and test environments as well as extended API documentation and tools, allowing them to develop Apps in the most efficient way. Previse conducts code reviews and perform quality checks for Apps that will be made available for resale on the Ecosystem.

      • App Purchasing: companies can buy available Apps directly from certified vendors via the Ecosystem. As Apps have a limited lock-in period, the quality/price relation is warranted – customers can easily test alternative Apps and switch to these, if their proposition is seen as superior.
      • App Commissioning: companies can contract with a development partner for the bespoke delivery of specific functionality in the form of an App.
      • App Tendering: companies can post their requirements for certain functionality to be developed in the form of an App for a) other companies to join the request and b) for development partners to submit proposals. This will be facilitated on the platform and ensure competitive bids.